Friday, March 11, 2011

Girls Outing Day!!

It was so fun going to Mid Valley with Kath and Michelle!
The movie - Beastly... Is kinda touching ( ps: Kath cry when the movie finish! )
We took many PHOTOS today...
First...we took at Toys R Us ^^ 
( are we childish? )

Me holding my favourite DOOODOLLS


It's Michelle time to hold the DOOODOLLS!

What the?!?! Michelle why suddenly a teddy pop up?

Me again~ This time holding a black DOOODOLLS!

Michelle and Me...

Shermaine and Kath's horoscope DOOODOLLS!

OMG Michelle! Teddy again~

AHHhh...DOOODOLLS tasting my brain!!!

OMG! Michelle's brain is also tasting by the DOOODOLLS!

Second...we took at a fitting room

Trying some one piece skirt...

Taking photo with Michelle...

The second one...

The last one...and also my favourite one...
 ( I think I'm gonna ask my mum to buy this for me! )



PS: Kath ... I'm really sorry that I didn't took any photos with you today ... Can you forgive me? T.T

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