Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day to Haley house...

It's was fun!
Actually we plan to do our SEJARAH project that day 
but at the End of that day we realize we didn't finish any pages of our project yet!
OMG how can we do in time that way?!?!

How to do??

Who can help me?


Friday, March 11, 2011

Girls Outing Day!!

It was so fun going to Mid Valley with Kath and Michelle!
The movie - Beastly... Is kinda touching ( ps: Kath cry when the movie finish! )
We took many PHOTOS today...
First...we took at Toys R Us ^^ 
( are we childish? )

Me holding my favourite DOOODOLLS


It's Michelle time to hold the DOOODOLLS!

What the?!?! Michelle why suddenly a teddy pop up?

Me again~ This time holding a black DOOODOLLS!

Michelle and Me...

Shermaine and Kath's horoscope DOOODOLLS!

OMG Michelle! Teddy again~

AHHhh...DOOODOLLS tasting my brain!!!

OMG! Michelle's brain is also tasting by the DOOODOLLS!

Second...we took at a fitting room

Trying some one piece skirt...

Taking photo with Michelle...

The second one...

The last one...and also my favourite one...
 ( I think I'm gonna ask my mum to buy this for me! )



PS: Kath ... I'm really sorry that I didn't took any photos with you today ... Can you forgive me? T.T

Thursday, March 10, 2011

After exam what will I do...

- Run to the bus stop with Kath and Michelle
 - Take the bus that go to Mid Valley
 - Go to the toilet straight away when we arrive
 - Change our clothes 
 - Run to the top floor and buy our movie tickets
 - Buy some snacks and wait for the movie to start

_________________ after movie _______________

- Window shopping
- Bowling
- Maybe lunch
- Play some childish thing
- Buy something
_________________ end of the day_______________

Actually do u think this is a good planning?
Oh...And also do you think I should wear jeans or shorts?
Michelle is going to wear jeans and Kath is going to wear shorts...

___________________ thinking ____________________

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back from CNY

It's so boring in the new year's day...the worst is i got gastric!!! AHHH...misery!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hate 2011

I hate 2011 so much!!

1. PMR
4.Odd number in class!!

Why my life is so misery ??
Help me!!
I can't stand this lonely any more!!
Somebody please save me!!

T.T crying in class...
BIATCH 蓝色天空 please come and save me!!

Today in class really very sien lo...
sleep adi 3 period (mandrian,geografi,sejarah)
ps: the whole morning!!

Playin FB ....