Monday, February 25, 2013

I hate them

F*#k that! Divorce! Have you adult ever think about us kid after you decide to do that?!! In this era, 8 among 10 married couples will get divorce. WTH! Then what's the purpose of getting married??? To get your children suffer? ?

For me as an example,
I rather take the bus then walk home then letting him fetch me home. I really hate him sometimes. As an example, there are so many cases on the news everyday about child abusing by..... you know! Aren't you scared that one day that'll happen on us? ? Besides that,  I hope that we can spend our weekend together..... without him!!!
I'm not that silly little girl who will listen to everything you said, I'm old enough to have my own thoughts. :Don't ever take in charge of people's life" this is my advice to you. You aren't my mum! You can't do stuff like that! Stop taking charge of MY family!! You're not married to my dad, you're still an outsider! Stay away from me! As in return, I'll stay away as far as I can from you to at least save my little precious live.
MY PART........
I admit that I always do something wrong and I'm lazy as a pig. I think I'm physco and I always think of running away from this world. All I want is someone to love and care for me. I think that I'm losing my dad recently cause I think he cares for her more thany sister and me. Is very hurt when I saw people's family--> mum, dad, sister, brother are always playing together with loves and cares. Ay first I'm really looking foward to the new house. But now, I want to stay in the hostel more than that so call home. With her bossing around, I never feel home. I only feels like I'm going back to being a slave....?? I think.

Any idea of pairing divorce couple back together? ?